VIU.STUDIO is a creative team formed by passionate Architects, Interior designers and 3D Artists.

We specialize in photorealistic 3d visualizations, 360 virtual tours and simple animations. 
Creating images since 2013, our team was always motivated to deliver hi-end images based on good modern design. Having collaborated with european architecture studios, real estate developers, marketing agencies, interior designers, furniture manufacturers and designers, settled up an experience to empower vision for various creators. 

A W A R D S : 
2022  /  3rd prize / Architectural competition for urban spaces in Lódź - green city yard / visualizations
2022  /  2nd prize / Elita Design Awards / interior design and visualizations
2021  /  3rd prize / Investment competition for 'Walowa' housing estate in the post-industrial district of Gdansk / visualizations
2020  /  1st prize / Jawor-Parkiet Design Awards / interior design and visualizations
2020 /   2nd prize /  World of Alloc Design Awards / interior design and visualizations
2019  /  1st prize  /  "Najpiekniejsze wnetrza z drzwiami DRE" design contest / interior design and visualizations / collab with Potegraphics 
2017  /   1st prize /   Architectural competition for the post-industrial building adaptation in Gdańsk / architecture and visualizations / collab with Potearchitekci

T H E Y   T R U S T E D   U S :

Gdansk, Poland
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